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Project planning and scheduling
Helping set project goals
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Key Software Solutions recognize the responds to trends and innovation with practical strategies that solve business problems for clients.
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When we first started Key Software Solutions in 2000, the information revolution represented a mere peripheral blip on most company radars. Computers were strictly mainframe back then, driven by transistors instead of microprocessors. As the technology evolved, so did our business capabilities. As the hardware and software steadily became more powerful and efficient, we were there on the forefront to help our clients evolve their businesses to thrive amid these rapid changes. Since the advent of the personal computer and the Web, with all their attendant world-changing, paradigm-shifting technologies, we've succeeded in maintaining the same benchmark standards of service, support, and technical know-how spanning the information revolution from its infancy to present day.

Our ability to evolve and be flexible to a dynamic business world is precisely why we've been successful for so long. Our mission is to help our clients manage change and transform their businesses through high-quality, cost-effective business information solutions. We offer comprehensive, web-enabled, end-to-end services from within our many practices:
» Customer Relations Management
» e-Business Solutions Centers
» Managed Services Provider Group
» Remote DBA 
» Oracle
» People Soft
» Supply Chain Management / e-Business Integration & Collaboration
» Visual Basic
» .Net, .ASP Applications
» IBM Mainframes
» Project Management and Costing
» Network Administration
» Internet/Intranet Applications.
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